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2048 Village Squire Circle

Knightdale, NC 27545

Phone (919) 266-1101

Fax (919) 266-5578

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Local Churches in Knightdale

Knightdale Baptist Church
15 Main St
Green Pines Baptist Church, 1498 Hodge Rd Knightdale Church of God
4272 Old Faison Rd

North side Community Church, 104 Saint Johns St

Knightdale United Methodist
621 N 1st Ave
Church of Latter Day Saints
7312 Forestville Rd
Faith Baptist Church
2728 Marks Creek Rd
North side Community Church
7633 Knightdale Blvd
Living Spirit Lutheran Church 7061 Knightdale Blvd Bethlehem Baptist Church
8400 Poole Rd
Cross Point Community Church
616 N 1st Ave
Now Faith Com Baptist Church
8933 Buffalo Rd
New Covenant Life Baptist Church
3332 S Smithfield Rd
Agape Christian Center Cogic
101 S Smithfield Rd
Good Hope Baptist Church
4209 S Smithfield Rd
Temple of Prayer Church of God in Christ
4900 Roseville Rd
Malabys Crossroads Baptist Church
911 Old Knight Rd
Rebirth Deliverance Ministries
1104 Great Falls Ct
Primera Asamblea
8308 Poole Rd
Church of Jesus Christ of Lds
7312 Forestville Rd
Sonview Baptist Church
124 Saint Johns St
Broad Brook Congregational Church Auto DRS
1105 Great Falls Ct
Church Hills Pool
4500 Twin Spires Dr
Watford Firm Church Consultants
1202 Laurens Way
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